The consultancy water team of Euro Technologies is composed of an interdisciplinary group of experts specialized in utility management, water and wastewater engineeringeconomics and finance as well as environmental sciences. This broad scope of expertise enables Euro Technologies to offer its clients the complete range of services required for the formulation, preparation and successful implementation of infrastructure development projects as well as institutional restructuring and modernization projects in the water and wastewater sector.

water treatment

In the water and wastewater area, the scope of engineering services provided by Euro Technologies includes amongst others:

Definition of Design Parameters and Elaboration of Master Plans

  • Inspection and inventory of facilities, field investigations, flow and pressure measurements;
  • Assessment of adequacy of plant design and performance, operation and maintenance schemes;
  • Inventory and projection of land use, regional and urban development, population growth;
  • Assessment and projection of water demand and wastewater generation for the resident population, commerce and industry, calculation of network losses and infiltration, analysis of wastewater flow;
  • Definition of process and site alternatives, levels of service, project sizing and staging;
  • Estimation of investment, operation and maintenance cost;
  • Pre-Selection and ranking of alternatives for presentation to client and donor;
  • Assessment of wastewater treatment processes and sludge disposal alternatives, market studies on sludge re-use potential.

Evaluation of Environmental Aspects

  • Inventarization of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems;
  • Physical-chemical analysis of water and soils;
  • Evaluation of environmental impact of water supply and wastewater disposal activities;
  • Elaboration of strategies and programmes for the protection of water resources and soils;
  • Support in the elaboration of necessary documents to obtain environmental permits. Technical Feasibility Analysis and Detailed Design;
  • Technical calculations and feasibility analysis;
  • Determination of detailed investment, operation and maintenance cost;
  • Technical design for water and wastewater treatment plants, water, sewerage and storm water networks and pumping stations;
  • Preparation of layouts and design drawings.

water treatment