Euro Technologies Security Services provide our customers the highest standards in security services and security technology installation services. We build solutions around a concept of total security coverage. For every client we assess in detail their needs and a range of ways to meet them including installations of security technology such as CCTV and access control.

Our approach to customer service always puts the customer at the very heart of things; with many operatives undertaking customer service training as well as security disciplines. Our ongoing policy is to meet every requirement on time, every time and to meet every challenge with useful, intelligent and innovative solutions.

Our solutions are covering following environments:
• Airport
• Railway
• Stadium & Convention Center
• Energy & Utility
• Residential

security system

Our products are divided in groups or systems based on nature of application:

video security

1. Video

  • IP Cameras
  • Analog Cameras
  • Encoders and Decoders
  • Recorders and Storage
  • Video Software
  • Illumination
  • Monitors
  • Switching Systems and Keyboards
  • Accessories

intrusion alarm system

2. Intrusion Alarm Systems

  • Control Panels, Control Centers and Keypads
  • Accessories for Control Panels and Keypads
  • Premises Wireless
  • Software
  • Detectors and Accessories
  • Information Transport Solutions

3. Conference Systems

4. Public Address (PA) and Voice Alarm

fire alarm system

5. Fire Alarm Systems – UL, ULC, FM

  • Analog Products
  • Addressable Products
  • Conventional Products
  • Audio Evacuation Products
  • Notification Appliances and Accessories
  • Communication Products
  • Power Supply and Supervision Products
  • Programming Products
  • Door Holders
  • Testing and Service Products
  • Accessories

access modular controller

6. Access and Systems

  • Building Integration System
  • Security Escort
  • Access Professional Edition
  • Access Easy Control System
  • Access Modular Controller
  • ReadykeyPRO Unlimited
  • ReadykeyPRO Systems
  • Ready key Systems
  • Generic Readers and Accessories
  • Readers, Cards, and Accessories
  • Magnetic Contacts

residential solution

7. Residential Solutions

  • Resident Alert System Central Components
  • Resident Alert System Transmitters and Sensors
  • ET Resident Alert System