The chemical composition of tires makes them valuable resource and long-term solution would be to extract the resources from the tires having on mind environmental impact and financial justification of the process. One of the worst todays solid waste problems in the World is continue accumulation of waste tyres due to the complex structure of tyres what makes them difficult to recycle. 

They are few existing methods of tyre treatment, partly problematical and limited, such as: incineration, retreading, grinding, shredding, pyrolysis etc. All of them are more or less non sustainable solutions.

green energy
green energy
green energy
green energy
green energy

Traditional Pyrolysis

Is an old process of treating rubber materials by heating them in oxygen free ambient – vacuum. One of the problems of the process is difficulty to control basic parameters as temperature and pressure bringing as result quite low quality products and huge energy consumption not justifying main target-economy.

New Modified Pyrolysis, NexGen’s process

Production plant for recycling Pyro NexGen is the ultimate recycling facility for waste car tyres and plastics. The production process is completely environmentally clean, without neither emission of waste gas nor waste materials and by-products. The entire production process has been branded as “green” and “environmentally safe”, so it recycles 100% of usable material. Diesel and gasoline obtained from the system are 100% “Renewable source of Green Energy”.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the environmental/human environment, through recycling, obtaining services to collect solid waste, improving sanitary and health conditions in the EU.

traditional pyrolysis

Pyro NexGen

Pyro NexGen shall work much better, more efficient, quieter, cleaner and with lower maintenance cost. The System is suitable for 24-7 working hours or work in different shifts. Operation and management request less labour since it is fully self-operated and controlled by computer.

Crucial advantages of production facility for recycling Pyro ATM:
• Low operational costs
• High profit
• Quick return of investment (ROI)
• Zero environmental impact*

*Gas is being passed through the security device and passes the torch. Percentage of combustion gas is 100%, and during the process itself waste gases are burnt as well as surplus in fuel production. Torch dust is treated by ZTC desulphurization and dust filter, which limits the amount of dust in the exhaust gases. The process meets the GB-2001 standards.

If needed more information about on-going projects as technical datas pls link SGI-Tech, acting as Euro-Technologies’ sister company dedicated to the field implementation of our NEX-GEN technology and not only.