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UniDocs RM

UniDocs RM (UniDocs Resource Management) is a software system which covers the needs for management of assets and documents in connection with the business processes in this field.


UniDocs IIM

UniDocs IIM (UniDocs Incoming Invoices Management) is a module that provides scanning and processing of all incoming financial documents (invoices, approvals, debits).


UniDocs OIM

UniDocs OIM (UniDocs Outgoing Invoices Management) is a module that provides the formation and processing of all outgoing financial documents (invoices, approvals, debits) and the proforma invoices.


UniDocs VAT

UniDocs VAT (UniDocs Value Added Tax calculation) is a module that provides the VAT calculation, equipped with all check-ups and analysis, which provide the greatest possible security of errors, and control access to the current state of tax at any time within the accounting period.


UniDocs TM

UniDocs TM (UniDocs Treasury Management) is a software module that provides treasury management, treasury warrant and cash change.


UniDocs WM

UniDocs WM (UniDocs Warehouse Management) is a module that provides complete management of all storage facilities and the changes that occur in them.


UniDocs UPO

UniDocs UPO (UniDocs Payment Operations) is a module that provides recording and processing of financial changes on all bank accounts which company owns, as well as their connection with the documents that caused the change on bank account.


UniDocs UA

UniDocs UA (UniDocs Accounting) is a module that provides management of all accounting records and operations.


UniDocs BI

UniDocs BI (UniDocs Business Intelligence) is a set of analyzes, reports, overviews and printed reports that provide insight into the current business parameters, as well as insight into the expected state of the business in terms of liquidity, the necessary resources and the expected influx.


UniDocs HR

UniDocs HR (UniDocs Human Resources Management) is a module based on UniDocs platform.


UniDocs Service

UniDocs Service is a vertical solution in an environment of DMS/WFMS platform which can manage work orders, preparation for billing and invoicing.

Unidocs system software architecture



UniDocs Metadesigner

Metadesigner module enables setting the parameters of the system, that enable UniDocs, as the general system for document and business process management, to adapt to the given company or part of the company without a single line of code, by simply entering parameters that describe the business system.


UniDocs SisAdmin

UniDocs SisAdmin is a module for administering the whole UniDocs system, while its basic functionalities tied to the system backup and document deletion.


UniDocs Client

Client modul is the main user module of the system. It represents user interface for the work with documents of all kinds, content and origin. It enables the creation, edit, sending and archiving of documents, searching through archives, working with revisions, publishing documents, bulleting boards browsing and gives many other options.


UniDocs C-Lite

C-Lite application has all the functionalities of standard Client application, except the possibility of editing contents of document/folder and creating new document/folder.


UniDocs View

View application has the possibility of receiving and sending documents (passive participation in work process), searching documents and folders, searching archives and bulleting boards and viewing of documents and its header.


MS Outlook integration

Integration with the versions 2007 and 2010 of MS Outlook has been realized. This integration enables a user, in accordance with its permissions, to send documents through e-mail, to receive them and directly archive them or put it in a folder (account) in the UniDocs system.


UniDocs Capture

UniDocs Capture is a module that enables automatic recognition of the text from the scanned documents and adding the recognised text to the corresponding document.


UniDocs Importer

UniDocs Importer module mail purpose is to speed-up and make easier import of the documents into UniDocs application. This module automatically distributes documents that are being put in the predefined location to a user or group of users. Network multifunctional devices that support user login with the PIN enable direct sending of the scanned documents into the import zone of a particular user.


UniDocs Archive

UniDocs Archive module manages archived documentation and enables keeping of the complete archive according to the defined legal framework.

Hospital and Medical Information System

Complex, integrated systems designed to manage all the aspects of a Hospital, Pharmacy and Primary Healthcare center operations, such as medical, administrative, financial and the corresponding service processing.

medical information system