We provide the latest innovations for interiors dealing with Europe’s leading manufacturers. We can help guide on a variety of styles from simple home office to entire turn-key refurbishment.

Our interior decoration services:

Furniture: costumed upholsteries, chairs, tables, beds, bedroom storage, home office, outdoor. Lightning for indoor and outdoor.

Textiles: upholsteries, beds, decorative and blackout curtains and draperies, latest technology for blinding and screening, bed accessories and blankets.

Coverings: best contemporary coverings for walls, decorative frames for boiserie, wallpaper and fabric-wallpaper.

Floors: technical PVC floor for hospitals and gyms traditional wood floors with a broad range of types, patterns, thicknesses.

Carpets: decorative carpet, runners, technical carpet tiles for offices, cashmere carpets and rugs.

 interiors decoration

interiors decoration